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August 31, 2015

REINVENTING THE TATTOO - Trivia Question #18

A tattoo can be worked more thoroughly and will heal better if there is little or no surplus ______ in the needles when they are finished penetrating the skin.  

Answer:  FORCE - Any extra force will be spent pushing the needles deeper than they need to be, causing trauma, blowouts and longer healing times.  An important goal for tattooists is to find the right amount of force for their working habits and to refrain from hitting the skin harder than it needs to be hit.

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August 30, 2015

Final day for Special Portrait Course Offer!

Today Is The Last Day...

For the last few days we've been talking to you about how to tattoo realistic portraits using an innovative new step-by-step system:

And we've provided a link, exclusively to Tattoo Education customers, to get access to Dax McClellan's Proven portrait system video for FREE…

Plus his extra tips and techniques that tell you exactly the do's (and DONT'S) when learning how to tattoo portraits.  All you need to do is Watch the Realistic Portrait System Video. BUT (yep there is a “but”), today is your last day to watch…In fact, when the timer on the video page says “00:00:00” it will be too late… you’ll be locked out.

So watch now:

We're excited about Dax's teaching system, which is different from other courses we offer because of its timed program of exercises, projects and instructor feedback. We've heard great feedback from artists who have taken his course in the past and want to help make it more broadly available. The next round of courses will begin September 14, 2015 and will be focused on Tattoo Education customers.