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March 2, 2018

New Prints and Book/Print Combo from Michele Wortman

We are adding two new prints and a print/book combo to our catalog today, showcasing the painting and photography of Michele Wortman. 

Her Innerstate painting was produced for the Innerstate event that she and Guy hosted, which encouraged its participants to tap into an internal stream of data and pull out their inner vision. The hummingbird is energy, traveling through prismatic space, intermingling the outer world of nature to the inner world musings of the reality of our existence and the subtle cosmic web that sews it all together. It's now available as a gorgeous large format print, 21x33" plus a 1" colored border for mounting purposes.

Droplet is part of the epic body of photography that Michele produced for her book Moments of Epiphany. It is the first time she has offered one of these images as a large format canvas art print, 22x33" plus a 1" colored mounting border, which is a particularly attractive presentation for her photos. It can be purchased by itself or in a combination package with the Moments of Epiphany book. Any of these items are a perfect celebration of the coming of Spring. Available now at Hyperspace Studios!

February 14, 2018

NEW Guy Aitchison Coverup Tutorial Available Now!!

Many tattooists avoid coverup work, feeling that they do their best work on clean skin, but a lot of clients who are seeking coverup work are also transitioning from collecting small tattoos to becoming serious tattoo collectors, and the artists willing to help them with their unwanted work are also likely to get lots of clean skin from them as well- so by taking on coverups you can greatly expand your client base and your career.  Noted tattooist Guy Aitchison has been doing coverup work for most of his 30 years in the trade, and shares what he knows about the subject in two DVD tutorials, Coverup: A Fresh Look and Coverup: The Next Level, showing an artist's eye view of the coverup process from consultation to completion, guiding artists past the common coverup pitfalls and showing healed and settled results for many kinds of coverup projects, including work by guest artists in a variety of different styles. These two seminars are now bundled together in a comprehensive educational package that will help gain you coverup superpowers- and in the process, a whole new scope of clientele including larger scale work. You can find it at alongside our other educational DVDs. Or you can simply subscribe to Reinventing The Tattoo, which makes all this material instantly available.