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Guy Aitchison-Russ Abbott Collaboration EVOLUTION

Reinventing The Tattoo: Book and DVD combination package

Reinventing The Tattoo: Book and DVD combination package

Reinventing The Tattoo: Technique

Reinventing The Tattoo

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We have a variety of educational and reference books and DVDs for tattooers.

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Abbott/Aitchison: Evolution


A few days ago you may have seen the newsletter we sent out announcing the addition of Russ Abbott's educational courses to our On-Demand catalog, including his classic Iron Clad: Tattoos Built To Last, along with his new course on color theory, The Tattooist's Palette. These are both top-quality professionals-only tutorials that demonstrate the foundation of Russ's solid, vibrant working technique. To celebrate the new courses we contacted Russ for a quick interview, which you can see at his Tattoo Education Artist's Profile, including some of his jaw-dropping new work.



In addition to this, I am psyched to announce a collaborative seminar called Abbott/Aitchison: Evolution, which Russ and I will be conducting in October at Off The Map East in Massachusetts, on October 22 and 23, where you'll see biomech, ornamental and dimensional graphic elements fused into something totally new. The first session's webcast on the 22nd will be free to the public, where you'll be able to observe the unfolding of a major leg piece, and can submit your questions for the artists through the TattooNOW chat feature. The second day's session on the 23rd will be for professionals only and will get into the in-depth technical aspects of the project, from layout to machines to rendering techniques. Don't miss this unique learning opportunity! Tickets are available now at our online store.



Finally, I wanted to mention the new auction that we just started with another painting from my book Organica, this time a more substantial piece. It's one of my hyperreal duotone organic macroscapes, big enough to have a strong presence in your shop or home art collection. The auction has just kicked off and has a few days left, check it out, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook for updates about this or other auctions.



Just Added to our On-Demand Catalog: Russ Abbott!


We are excited about the new Video On Demand part of our catalog, where we are offering cutting-edge educational material for professional tattooists through the TattooNOW secure server. As we get this into full swing we'll be adding new courses to the catalog often. Today we're announcing the addition of two courses by Russ Abbott, who has become renowned recently for his strong yet graceful ornamental tattooing, and for his work with color theory. This includes Iron Clad: Tattoos Built To Last, which we already carry in DVD format. It's worth noting here that we are sitting on the last small handful of these DVDs, and within weeks it will only be available as a Video On Demand item, so if you want the disk, now's your chance! We have also added Russ's course on color theory, The Tattooist's Palette, which takes an in-depth look at color with a special approach to working with existing pigments.



The professional-level on-demand content can only be purchased by verified professionals. If you work in an established studio and have ordered from us in the past, you are probably already on our Verified list; if not, you can click here to fill out the application. Getting verified makes it easier for you to order professionals-only products, and helps us to streamline the task of keeping this material only in the hands of professionals.



Last but not least, I've got another Organica painting listed on eBay; there are only a couple days left before this auction closes and the next one goes up. This is one of my faceted organic abstract macroscapes, and at 4x5" would make a great piece of eye candy for your home or tattoo studio... check it out before it closes!



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