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October 11, 2018

Steve Butcher Chapter Added to Reinventing Subscription!

Nobody does focus effects like New Zealand realist Steve Butcher, who has been seizing the world's attention with his eye-popping portraits and wildlife tattoos, with his sports action portraits being some of his most stand-out work. We recently had a chance to interview Steve and get some insights into the thinking and technical processes that go into creating effective focal fields on skin. He shared everything from his stenciling to needle choices and use of color, providing realists with a chance to expand their language and incorporate focus, which can make a piece look like it came straight from a camera. Focal fields are a type of contrast, which makes it possible to selectively make certain elements stand out while others drop back. You can read more about Steve’s groundbreaking technique in the Contrast chapters of your subscription.

September 24, 2018

Michele's New Print Celebrating Hummingbirds!

We sure did enjoy this past summer... and one of our favorite features of summertime are the hummingbirds dashing around the yard, flashing their brilliant iridescent colors. Now they are in their final few weeks before packing up for the year and making their difficult flight across the gulf. To celebrate these amazing creatures, Michele painted Shapes&Planes, pictured here, combining hummers with her distinctive use of abstract geometric forms. This piece is available as a low-cost signed archival canvas print at, along with a wide range of other fine art prints, most which are color matched and produced in-house here at Hyperspace Studios.