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December 9, 2009

Guy Aitchison's Tattoo Education blog

Guy Aitchison painting December 10, 2009

Guy Aitchison here; welcome to my Tattoo Education blog. I plan to use this spot as a place to post photos of new work, comments about my recent projects and challenges I overcame, interesting conversations I have with other artists, that kind of thing. If you are interested in subscribing to "Guy Aitchison's Tattoo Education Blog", you'll get an email notice any time new content is posted here.

I also want to extend an invitation to tattoo convention promoters from anywhere in the world. If you are organizing a tattoo convention that features seminars or related educational events, we are providing a place at this website to list these events for free. Thousands of tattoo professionals pass through this web page, so take advantage of this bulletin board to inform the public of the learning opportunities you're helping to make available. You can email your show information to gabe@tattoonow.com. Please include the name and dates of the show, its location and web page, plus a graphic or banner that is 75 pixels high by 300 pixels wide. It would be especially helpful if you include any contact info for preregistration or general questions about the show or the seminars. Please keep your seminar listings short and concise, including the title, date, time, price and a brief description. Your seminar listings will remain posted until after the event.

This week I'm working on a short teaser video for Innerstate, the big live painting event that Michele and I hosted this past summer at the Columbus Hell City show. This will be posted on YouTube by the end of the week. I plan on spending the winter completing the full-length documentary that we are producing that will be included with an art book about the event. I'll keep you all posted as these things and all the other exciting stuff happening around here comes together. Stay tuned!

painting commission I did for Chicago tattooist Marco Velazquez... acrylic on canvas, 12x24".