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February 4, 2010

Innerstate Videos and more!

Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010

This month I'm taking some time away from tattooing to work on editing the Innerstate documentary. For those who weren't at the Columbus Hell City Tattoo Fest last year, Innerstate was a live painting event that Michele and I hosted featuring 40 tattooists working on large painting projects for 5 days. There's so much to say about that week that I wouldn't even know where to begin here, and since I'm trying not to ramble too long, I'll boil it down to this: you all know how much talent and diversity there is in the tattoo industry, and that many of these tattooists work in other mediums as well. The body of work was spectacular, and the process of watching the work unfold during the week was a spectacle worth remembering. We'll be debuting the film at this year's Columbus Hell City Fest, May 21-23, and shortly after that we'll be releasing the book and DVD package about the event and the art coming from these visionary talents. Check out the video it the following link if you want a short preview of what to expect:


I also wanted to mention that February is the last month where we'll be offering the rebate for Reinventing The Tattoo. If you have a copy of the first edition and want to take the opportunity to cash it in for $100 credit toward the dramatically improved second edition, you have until the end of February before the offer is closed. This offer is only for copies that have a serial number sticker inside the front cover. You can read the Reinventing The Tattoo FAQ for more information about the offer, and about the new edition of Reinventing and why it's worth doing the upgrade, at this link: