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February 9, 2010

 Austin tattoo phenomenon Nick Baxter had his big gallery opening last weekend at Last Rites Gallery in New York... and now that the work is available for the public to view, we are offering a collector's edition 2010 Nick Baxter calendar featuring "Rebuilding", the title for this stunning visionary body of paintings. Although January has already come and gone, this group of paintings is ideally suited to present in a calendar format, as it illustrates a gradual deconstruction/rebuilding experience. Even if you already have a calendar for this year, these are some intense paintings that will grab the attention of anyone visiting your office or tattoo station. This calendar also makes a great gift for any fans of Nick's work that you know. Only a limited run were printed, and we expect them to go quickly.

nick baxter calendar

A lot of people have heard of Nick and are familiar with his work, but this collection of paintings is his most cutting-edge stuff, and digs deeper into Nick's vision that his previous works have.

Enjoy, and I'll update you all soon as things develop!