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February 9, 2010

Upcoming Seminars Listed


In the Seminar Schedule section are the current listings for upcoming seminars happening at tattoo conventions around the States and abroad.  There are important seminars taking place at this months Detroit Motor City Tattoo Convention, so don't miss out on some very valuable information.  Health Educators will be hosting their Bloodborne Pathogens seminar to inform those that are looking for industry specific training on the procedures and regulations in preventing the spread of bloodborne pathogens.  Also, Dan Henk will be holding an oil painting seminar, and several workshops will be taking place with the likes of Bob Tyrrell, Josh Carlton and Monte, and Brian Everett & Jack Rudy.  Bringing tattoo information full circle, a machine building seminar will be held with Jerry Riegger, Danny Knight, Josh Ford, & Todd Hlavaty covering machine tuning procedures to answering questions.  Click on Seminar Schedule for complete information and fees.