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April 2, 2010

Tattoo Prodigies, Hell City, and more!

 It's been a big month, and this last couple weeks in particular have been packed with events. I am still working on the final edit of the Innerstate documentary film, which we intend to release at the Columbus Hell City convention in May. We'll be having a debut screening for the film at midnight on Friday, May 21 at the show. If you are working that convention, be sure not to overbook yourself that day!

In addition, we have taken delivery of Mike Devries' latest book, Tattoo Prodigies, which we here at Proton Press teamed up with Mike and Memento Publishing to bring you this gorgeous oversized hardcover volume featuring some of the best tattoo art being produced today. Whether you are an artist or a serious collector, Tattoo Prodigies is jam-packed with inspirational eye candy in all styles and flavors. We now have it in our catalog at tattooeducation.com, so be the first in your town to own it! Perfect for your lobby, or the private bookshelf over your work station.

tattoo prodigies

We plan on holding a big book release party at Hell City on the same night as the Innerstate premiere. This will feature 3 amazing new tattoo community group book projects: First, there will be Tattoo Prodigies, which I just described. Next comes Innerstate, which is not only going to be featured that night as a documentary film but will also be in the form of an 80 page paperback book that will come with the DVD of the documentary describing one of the most eye-popping art events ever to happen in tattooing. Finally comes Pint Sized Paintings, a tiny but huge book of epic little works in paint by a wide variety of tattoo artists. Released by Durb Morrison of Hell City, this book is a unique expression of the creativity happening in our industry.

Speaking of Durb, I finally got away from my desk the other day and did a couple days of work on the ongoing biomech project  I'm doing on his leg and foot. The foot in particular is turning out really cool... but this brings up a chance to talk about a rare but important healing issue. Most of you probably wrap your clients in some kind of non-sick barrier such as plastic wrap. This is important for protecting the tattoo and keeping it from sticking to their clothing or bedsheets, especially in the first hours after the session. However, I have noticed that on hands and feet in particular, leaving these areas wrapped for too long can cause the skin to prune up really dramatically, as if immersed in a bathtub for too long. Furthermore, this pruning does not readily go away and in my opinion, after observing this enough times, causes healing issues and significant color loss. The answer is simple: Wrap these areas for a short time- 45 minutes to 1 hour- and then clean them and let them air out, blotting occasionally to prevent body fluid buildup from forming a scab. For foot tattoos, keeping the foot elevated for the first day will reduce seepage (and pain as well!).

durb foot tattoo