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June 3, 2010

Innerstate the movie, and some more ask Guy Aitchison answers

 In May of 2009 at the Hell City Tattoo Fest in Columbus Ohio, we hosted the Innerstate live painting performance. At this event, we challenged 40 of the tattoo industry's most innovative artists to each produce a work of fine art, based on their own personal inner visions, in a live performance setting. The list of participants is a tattoo community powerhouse, including Nick Baxter, Shawn Barber, Kim Saigh, Markus Lenhard, Nikko Hurtado, Jeff Ensminger, Jon Clue, Juan Salgado, Nate Beavers, Jen Schichi, Chris Dingwell, Christopher Gay, Gabriel Cece, Steve Morris, Don McDonald, Tim Creed, Craig Driscoll, Phil Robertson, Kimberly Reed, Jennifer Billig, Marty Holcomb, Muriel Zao, Mike Cole, Adrian Dominic, Jeff Gogue, Patrick Conlon, Damon Conklin, Lizi Sage, Cory Norris, Ricky McGee, Timothy Boor, Dee Dee Seruga, Jay Strange, Tim Plumley, Dan Plumley, Canman, Juan Lopez, Carson Hill, Guy Aitchison and Michele Wortman, with guest artists Hannah Aitchison and Jo Harrison.

innerstate dvd and book

Innerstate: The Movie is a 50 minute documentary film featuring interviews with the artists and an inside look at their visions, techniques, concerns and goals. It's a fast-paced film with a great soundtrack, perfect for your tattoo shop video library. It comes with a 100 page full-color softcover book with additional interviews and quotes from the artists, photos of some of the event's highlights and gorgeous full-page color plates of the finished pieces. If you are a tattooist with any interest in working in a second medium, this book and DVD are highly recommended; the package is also an ideal gift for any tattoo fans who enjoy the fine art produced within the tattoo community. 

I personally spent the entire winter working on this project. I am known for my tattooing and painting, not my filmmaking, but I took this project as seriously as any art project I've ever worked on... and I'd like to invite you to check it out and see what you think. We've got it listed here at the TattooEducation online store.
I've also got some new questions and answers posted at the Ask Guy page, this time on mystery healing problems and possible alternate tattoo lightening strategies. Come take a look... and as always, feel free to submit your own questions about any aspect of tattooing. I'll do my best with them.