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November 19, 2010

Morphix Grips for sale

 November 19, 2010
Greetings from Tattoo Education!

We want to start by thanking you all for helping make Nick Baxter's new book, Sharp-Focus Realism In Oil, the success that it's been. Although we are keen on carrying up-to-date educational material of all sorts, this kind of high-quality art book is a central focus of what we're aiming for as a part of the tattoo community. However, we are also interested in carrying items that are not strictly educational but reflect an innovative attitude in helping to move the industry forward. In this spirit we're excited to announce the first equipment item in our catalog: Morphix Tube Grips.

After 22 years of tattooing, my hands are tired. I'm having to work with lighter machines and book shorter sessions, along with working shorter weeks. Over the course of time I've tried out a lot of different tubes and grips, trying to find the right weight, size and shape for my ailing hands. Last year I was introduced to a new product, the Morphix Humbolt grip, which over the course of time have replaced almost all the steel grips in my tube collection. I was initially impressed by the grip's unique design and the way it took into account the way the hand wants to naturally relax when it's in a clenched position. I was at first concerned that I would give up some maneuverability in exchange for more comfort, but was surprised to find that the Humbolt allowed for even greater freedom of movement than I had in standard tubular grips. After using them for over 18 months, I'm impressed enough with the long-term comfort and fatigue reduction that I am now offering them as an item at www.tattooeducation.com.

Morphix is currently offering two different designs: The Humbolt (my personal favorite), and the Flatiron, designed to automatically create a 45 degree angle with the skin to provide an ideal position for shading and coloring. Their composite material is heavier than a disposable tube but lighter than steel- this moderate weight has proven an ideal balance for my technique. They have also survived many trips through the autoclave, showing no deterioration even after 18 months of intensive use.

We are offering the grips individually, in case you just want to try them out, or in six-packs, where you'll save a lot on shipping. If you're looking to make your work day more productive at less of a cost to your long-term health, this product is a great place to start.

Thanks, and we'll be in touch soon!