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January 5, 2011

Russ Abbott's DVD, Iron Clad: Tattoos Built To Last reduced

Greetings from Tattoo Education!
Russ AbbottAfter 10 years in the tattooing trade, Russ Abbott has recently been widely noticed for his distinct graphic style. Although firmly rooted in time-tested classic notions of what makes a tattoo hold up through the years, he has developed methods of applying these traditional guidelines in novel ways toward many styles of tattooing including both traditional and realism, bringing them together into an American illustrative style that is both distinct and timeless. In early 2009 Russ began teaching seminars at major tattoo conventions and released his first instructional DVD, Iron Clad: Tattoos Built To Last, which shows his technique up close and provides insight on the thinking behind this technique.
While he's in the process of developing his next big educational package (which rumor has it will be a new approach to color theory for tattoo artists), Russ is now offering this critically acclaimed DVD at a reduced price of only $75. In it he demonstrates the design, stenciling, and application of a 6 1/2 hour tattoo from start to finish, going into detail about color blending, line weight, shading for both clarity and longevity and countless other subjects. This DVD is an ideal teaching guide for artists of all levels of experience looking to improve their skills. 2 hours, only $75!
Russ Abbott DVD
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