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April 11, 2011

"Get Digital with Mike DeVries and Jamie Parker" on sale now

April 9, 2011
Greetings from Tattoo Education!

A growing number of tattooists have been embracing Adobe Photoshop for all kinds of needs, everything from making a slick portfolio presentation to preparing drawings for their clients. In answer to this increasing need, Mike DeVries and Jamie Parker have put together an affordable, thorough DVD tutorial to help get artists familiar with this crucial piece of graphic art software.

"Get Digital with Mike DeVries and Jamie Parker" is a two-disc instructional DVD full of tips, tricks, and techniques to help tattoo artists to utilize Adobe Photoshop and learn how its tools can enhance creativity and imagination. Beginning with familiarization of most of the tools used in Adobe Photoshop CS3, the DVD explains what most tools are ideal for, covering shortcuts, saving options, and file organization.

Subjects such as: the importance of the dodge and burn tools, loading new brushes and fonts, colorization of black and gray photos, adding light sources to photos for striking enhancements, and changing backgrounds are explained. The instuction also delves into more advanced techniques, such as adding color to a pencil sketch and "zombifying" images; as well as guidance on how to make business cards, fliers, and banners. This excellent DVD set will help tattooists in an abundance of ways, making preparation for their creative projects more innovative and original than ever before.

Disc 1: Beginner & Intermediate....2 Hours.......Includes HD Digital Copy in Quicktime Format

Disc 2: Advanced...2 Hours........Includes HD Digital Copy in Quicktime Format

This tutorial don't cover every tool in Photoshop,... it just goes over what is the most useful for tattoo artists! Available now through our online store for only $50.00.

Thanks, and we'll be in touch soon!

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