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July 22, 2011

True Tubes - Disposable tattoo tubes with steel tips!

July 18, 2011
Greetings from Tattoo Education!

Those who've known me for a while know I've never been a big fan of disposable tattoo tubes. Although you can't beat the convenience- these days, you can get by without needing an autoclave if you are willing to use disposables- the tubes themselves have always been, in my opinion, fatally flawed. My biggest issue has been the tips themselves; plastic tip exert a different level of friction on the vibrating needle, changing its ink flow properties and altering the entire tattooing experience. With most of them, the exact angle of the tips is slightly off- an unavoidable by-product of the plastic forming process- and the number of needle group types has been limited to just the most popular basic styles. Many artists have adjusted to these differences out of convenience, but many others, myself included, have stayed with steel tubes for the long haul for their greater variety and higher quality overall tattooing experience.

True Tube Disposable Tubes

Now, veteran tattooer and Hell City promoter Durb Morrison has created a new disposable tube that overcomes all these problems. True Tubes are the world's first hybrid plastic/steel disposable tubes, offering all the convenience without making any of the sacrifices. True Tubes come in a wide variety of styles, including different sizes of round and diamond tips along with a wider than normal range of shading tips. The steel tips are made of high quality stainless and are always brand-new- none of the wear and tear that you'll see on your non-disposable tips. And at around two bucks each, we're talking about a significant improvement in your tattooing setup at just a fraction more cost than even the cheapest disposable tubes.

true tubes disposable tubes steel tips

Michele and I have been using True Tubes all year. I've always been skeptical about disposables, but after a power surge fried our autoclave and we faced delays in getting the replacement parts, I figured I'd try them. I've always respected Durb and knew he's have a solid product; now after working with them for a few months, I'm impressed enough that we are carrying them at the Tattoo Education online store. True Tubes are the first steel tipped disposable tubes of their kind, and allow your machines to run at the speed they are engineered for. I recommend you try them- if you are already using plastic tubes, you'll be amazed at the improvement. if, like me, you are a steel tube fan, you'll find True Tubes to be a more than adequate replacement. We've got them in stock now at our online store.

true tubes disposable tattoo tubes

For the rest of you who are still fans of steel tubes- or for any tattooists suffering from hand and wrist problems- I'd like to remind you about Morphix Grips, another great product we carry. Morphix Humbolt and Flatiron grips are scientifically engineered to fit your hand perfectly, allowing for a high degree of dexterity while easing strain on the hand and wrists... allowing for longer and more productive sessions.