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January 13, 2020

New Aitchison Print Available!

Over the holiday season things got crazy and there wasn't a chance to roll out the prints of my last major piece of 2019, Geo Daemon. The print is 12x15", signed on archival canvas, and is available stretched & framed for $150 or unframed for $50. This was an effort at combining organic and geometric elements in a novel way, and would look great hanging in your workstation. It's available now at

December 23, 2019

Reinventing The Tattoo Gift Subscriptions!

If you feel like you've run out of time and still are looking for a great gift, we are offering gift subscriptions to Reinventing The Tattoo, my comprehensive online educational package. For those not familiar with Reinventing The Tattoo, it has been a mainstay in tattoo educational curricula for nearly 25 years, touching on both design and technique with an emphasis on building a strong artistic foundation. It can be viewed on any tablet, phone or computer and featured hundreds of pages in e-book format with generous illustrations and embedded videos, written both by myself and by a lineup of top talents from various styles in the tattoo industry. The package also includes access to a list of heavyweight webinars on subjects ranging from contrast to coverups, from painting to Photoshop. Once you purchase the gift certificate, you can choose the moment when the recipient receives their notification email. It's a perfect art gift for any tattooer who is trying to take their work to a new level. You can find it now at