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May 6, 2019

The Biomech Encyclopedia is Here!!

So the big moment is here! The Biomech Encyclopedia has been in production for over eight years and involves the artwork and efforts of nearly 150 artists. It’s a hard book to classify or describe; it contains a bit of history, a lot of instruction, quite a lot of inspiration and countless visually rich images in all media.  Topping off at two volumes of 336 pages each, the Biomech Encyclopedia is part high-quality coffee table art book and part high-powered educational material with writing by dozens of artists from the tattoo, painting, sculpting, digital and filmmaking fields. Includes in-depth interviews, step-by-step instructional features and exhaustively researched biographical material. The top goal of The Biomech Encyclopedia is to help empower creative people to find and develop their own unique voices in the world of abstract art, and almost every bit of material between its covers is presented in a way that serves that purpose. It is now available at We have them in our warehouse now and are shipping copies out to our Kickstarter supporters first, so any new orders might take an extra couple weeks to ship out (since the Kickstarter orders get our priority) so expect about 3 weeks shipping time in the US.

May 1, 2019

Juan Salgado & Guy Aitchison Print Available Now!

@juan_salgado and I have been waiting for the right moment to debut the print of our recent collaboration, “The Cleanse”, and we recently crossed paths at the @hell_city tattoo fest and were both present to sign the prints. They are 16x28” plus a 1” black border for mounting purposes, on archival canvas, signed by both artists, $150. We have them in limited quantities because of the difficulty of getting them signed.