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November 4, 2016

Share Your Tattoo Story at the Chicago Field Museum Tattoo Exhibit!

Like so many artists in the tattoo field, I began my career with the assumption that I would always be working in the shadows, having dedicated myself to a fringe art form with only borderline social acceptability. 28 years ago when I started my apprenticeship there was only one convention, one magazine, a smattering of low budget books and documentaries, and not much more. So I have been continually amazed at the progression of our art form into a solid bastion of mainstream culture complete with a whole list of TV shows, conventions and other world-class events, not to mention a whole branch of publishing in many media dedicated solely to the tattoo art form. 


The latest accomplishment our industry had made is none other than a full-scale exhibition on tattooing that is traveling through a number of mainstream museums and bringing in record crowds- first in Paris, then in Toronto, and now at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago, which happens to be the very same museum that I went to as a kid to look at dinosaurs.The exhibit includes ancient tattoo artifacts, stunning photos and films of tattooing from cultures around the world, along with a bunch of original art by artists who you've probably heard of. The centerpieces of the show are a group of silicone body casts that have been tattooed by a number of hand-picked artists to showcase some of the more established genres within tattooing, everything from tribal to traditional American to geometric to fine line black and grey, plus a couple biomech pieces. I was invited to produce a backpiece for the exhibit, which was both an honor and a real task, with as much work invested into the piece as a real backpiece on a human. 

You can be a part of this exhibit too! The museum put together a website specifically for the exhibit at www.fieldmuseum.org/tattoo/. At this page you can get instructions on how to use your Instagram or Twitter account to post your own tattoo story, which is then displayed on a big screen on the wall of the exhibit room. Many of the stories are fascinating, and I believe that the participation of tattoo collectors brings a whole extra dimension to the exhibit. If you are in the Chicago area, this exhibit is a must-go destination... There simply has never been anything like it before. This is not a quick, pop-culture glimpse at tattooing, but instead is an incredibly well researched, heavy-duty legitimate museum exhibit about our art form. In the shadows no more!

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