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September 11, 2017

Featured Item - Ciavarro & Swanson COMBO! - SOLD OUT!!




Drawing is at the core of a well developed tattoo skill set, and this week's special is aimed at helping you bring your drawing skills up a few notches!  Tony Ciavarro's two Shut Up And Draw DVDs give you a detailed over-the-shoulder look at Tony's drawing process, showing every step taken from rough sketch to completed color design, while Joe Swanson's Drawing Tattoo Style gets down to the nuts-and-bolts fundamentals of clear, readable, skin-friendly drawing.  This week you can get all 3 of the disks for $125!  This combo deal is our featured items, meaning not only free U.S. shipping, but anything else you order with it gets shipped free as well!  

Order this item and get FREE SHIPPING!! 

(FREE SHIPPING to US orders only. Shipping to Canada is $25.00 and anywhere else is $35.00. Order more items and get the shipping special on your WHOLE order!!Any additional shipping charges will be refunded when order is filled)