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September 21, 2017

Guy Aitchison's- Coverup: The Next Level- added to Reinventing The Tattoo

As tattoo clients start to get larger work, it is often up to their artists to steer them toward thinking larger scale, instead of filling up with small pieces. These artists will usually have the job of covering or incorporating earlier pieces, and if approached with the right mindset, these collectors can be guided into getting the kinds of large scale work that we are proud to have in our portfolios. Guy Aitchison's Coverup: The Next Level provides a clear foundation for not only tackling any kind of coverup job, but also for using coverup as an opportunity to get larger scale projects and a more serious clientele.

Building on last year's Coverup: A Fresh Look, Coverup: The Next Level has been added to the coverup chapters in the Reinventing The Tattoo curriculum, making it part of the most comprehensive guide to coverup tattooing anywhere in the industry. Reinventing The Tattoo now contains dozens of videos showing closeup tattooing with in-depth voiceover descriptions, along with hundreds of pages of richly illustrated text addressing every aspect of tattooing, including guest chapters by artists such as Phil Garcia, Megan Jean Morris, Halo Jankowski, Don McDonald, Russ Abbott and Nick Baxter. Drop by www.ReinventingTheTattoo.com to find out more!