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October 11, 2017

Coverup Trivia Question #5

Coverup Trivia Question #5

I've seen solid black tattoos where it was obvious where the coverup areas were. If solid black can't do it, then what can?

It's a simple answer: Detail. Clever use of detail can not only hide the old piece but also disguise which parts of the new tattoo are coverup and which aren't. We dis cuss many examples of this in Coverup: The Next Level, now included FREE in your Reinventing The Tattoo subscription, building on last year's foundation, Coverup: A Fresh Look. Find out more at www.ReinventingTheTattoo.com.

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(photo provided by @juan_salgado ...you can see his amazing coverup of this mess at his profile, or better yet, see it discussed in detail, along with many other examples by various artists, in your Reinventing The Tattoo subscription)