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February 18, 2012

World Wide Tattoo Conference: 6 Instructional Seminars at a Discounted Price!

February 18, 2012
Greetings from Tattoo Education!
I've been teaching seminars for almost 20 years now, starting with a seminar on coverups that I hosted at one of Dennis Dwyer's Tattoo Tour shows in Miami, back in the early nineties. In those days, convention promoters were just starting to accommodate seminars at their shows- after all, there had always been a strong prejudice against sharing information. Conventions started providing a format for information to be exchanged within the industry without making it too readily available to the general public; once this became obvious, seminars started popping up at most of the better conventions.
Guy Aitchison Seminar
In the last couple years, some promoters, including TattooNOW's Gabe Ripley, have started experimenting with events that are centered entirely around the seminars, with little or no actual tattooing going on. These kinds of events provide an environment where artists can get into student mode without all the distractions of a normal convention and really fill their heads with great new information. The upcoming Worldwide Tattoo Conference in Chicago this April 10-11 is a great example of just such an event, with the whole block of time devoted entirely to learning. There will be seminars by some of the profession's most respected teachers, including Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrrell, Jeff Gogue, Boris Laszlo, Alex De Pase and myself.
World Wide Tattoo Conference
These classes will be focusing on a variety of design and technical matters, and for any artist who sits through the whole round of seminars you can be guaranteed a brain full of incredible up-to-date information to take home and digest. My class is titled "The Extra Mile Is Never Crowded: A Few Extra Things You Can Do To Make Your Work Stand Out"; and I hope the title is self-explanatory; I will be demonstrating things that artists of all levels of skill and experience can incorporate into their working methodology. I'll be showing ways to take your composition further during the design stage and to get more crucial information into your stencils in order to make the tattooing process easier, along with a handful of technical tricks that will help you to achieve a smoother, sharper finish.
The way the Wordwide Tattoo Conference works, is that you simply pay a flat fee for the weekend, then you have access to all of the classes. Tickets are $800 per person. This price includes:
  • Participation to the 6 Artists workshops (2 days)
  • Participation to the Panel to discuss with the presence of all the teachers
  • Coffee breaks for both days
  • Buffet lunch for both days
  • Certificate of attendance
In addition, we are also offering a special studio discount- four artists get in for $2800, saving $400 off the normal studio price.
World Wide Tattoo Gathering
The Worldwide Tattoo Conference is one of the most concentrated learning experiences a tattoo artist can have in this day and age. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to better yourself as an artist!