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August 17, 2013

Introducing: Adrian Dominic's Dirty Little Secrets Vol.1

August 17, 2013
Greetings from Tattoo Education!

Many of you may already be familiar with Adrian Dominic, a young tattooer with a distinctly different take on things. Adrian gets his influences from a broad range of inspirations including graffiti art and film character design, and as an artist has experimented widely with brushes, spray cans, digital media, sculpture, claymation and many other art forms. With such a unique perspective, Adrian has some unique tricks to share about how he imagines, develops and executes his designs. He presents a condensed version of his approach in Dirty Little Secrets Volume 1, a DVD we are now carrying at the Tattoo Education online store.


Beginning with some basic fundamental drawing techniques, his DVD explores a character design brought from concept to completion in 3 media: Graphite, digital painting and tattooing. Topics covered include materials, technical theories, lighting and shading, value, color palette, and many other tips and approaches.

From thumbnail sketch to drawing to digitally painted reference, then to a stencil and finally a completed tattoo, this tutorial will give you a better understanding of the technical decisions that Adrian makes in order to create a visually striking image that utilizes a simple but effective approach. It's intended primarily for professional tattoo artists, but can be beneficial to artists of all different levels of experience. It's a unique item that covers territory that most educational material doesn't even consider. If you're wanting to broaden and round out your overall artistic understanding and expand your toolkit, Dirty Little Secrets is solid gold, and we're psyched to have it in our catalog.

Thanks, and we'll be in touch soon!

Guy Aitchison